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If you've found a baby opossum please check the Wildlife Rehabber Database by State for a Licensed Rehabber near you before e-mailing me with questions. Also, If you have gotten my e-mail or website from a webpage link somewhere, note that I am NO longer located in St. Louis Missouri. I am in the Nashville Tennessee area now. 

Quiet Thoughts by Beverly Armstrong

How would you like to live in a cage
That was just about ten feet square.
With no toys to play with and nothing to do --
Just you and a bed and a chair?

Oh, sure you'd be fed (the same thing each day)
You'd have water (unless they forgot)
And since you would never be going outside
You wouldn't get cold, or too hot.

But oh, you'd be lonely just sitting alone
With no one to talk to all day.
You'd remember the trees, and the grass and the breeze,
The places where you used to play.

You'd remember your friends, you'd remember the sky,
And games and strawberries and sun,
And you know you could never go skating again
Or go swimming, or ride bikes, or run.

You'd get mad and scream and throw things around
You'd kick and you'd pound on the wall,
And your owners would scold you,
And say to themselves, "He isn't a nice pet at all!"

The more you got mad, the less they would like you,
The less they'd remember to care
About if you had water or if you got fed
Or if you were lonely in there.

And then you would know what it's like to be kept
As a pet when you're meant to be free,
And you'd listen when wild things are trying to say:
"Please Don't Make A Pet Out Of Me!"


If you have a opossum (or any other wild animal for that matter) that you are keeping as a "pet" and have questions about food or medical treatment be advised  that it is against the law in every state for a person to hold an indigenous creature captive without the proper wildlife permits. If you get caught - the fees will be substantial. Take your animal to a licensed rehabber so it can go back to where it belongs. Wild Animals are NOT pets.

"Oh Great Spirit, we come to you with love and gratitude for all living things. We now pray especially for our relatives of the wilderness - the four-legged, the winged, those that live in the waters, and those that crawl upon the land. Bless them, that they might continue to live in freedom and enjoy their right to be wild. Fill our hearts with tolerance, appreciation, and respect for all living things so that we all might live together in harmony and peace."
- Marcellus Bear Heart Williams

"Blessed are all birds and animals, the wildest beasts, and, yes, all serpents, too, for they live beyond the rules of evil and good. Their instincts are obedient only to the laws of survival, growth, and health. And as their lives unfurl in obedience to these laws, they suffer no shame, regret, or sin. Nor do they curse their failures, or themselves. We can learn much from them.  They harbor no evil toward one another, and they trust their own inner sense of how to live, and that their Higher Power makes sure everything which befalls them is for the best. Yes, they are blessed, and so are we, the highest animal." - Wendell Berry

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Painting Dreams by Wendy Andrew - Artemis
Painting Dreams by Wendy Andrew - Artemis

Silver - Strong in the moonlight of the wild places. Moving in the spirits of the untamed beasts. Soothing the cries of child birthing pains. Showing us the power in ourselves 
- Artemis. - Returning Life to the Wild

Opossum Bar

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