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These photos were taken at a St. Louis MO wildlife rescue facility at with I used to be a volunteer for 5 years.  I enjoyed taking pictures of the various wildlife that came through the center.  To find out more about wildlife rehabilitation check out my information page. If you like my photos and would like to use any of them, please don't forget to credit me and provide a courtesy link back to my website, Thanks!

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Domestic Duck Flying Squirrels Flying Squirrel watching from nestbox.
This is one of the many domestic ducks we get in. many are injured from fishing hooks and lines left by fishermen. Others are injured by pets or cars. These are flying squirrels. The are nocturnal tree rodents. This group was orphaned and are being raised at the center for release. Flying Squirrels are very shy. This little fella is checking us out from the safety of his nesting box.
Stella, a Marble Fox. Facial Shot of Stella, a marble fox. Grey Squirrel
This is a Marble Fox. Her name is Stella and she is an exotic non-indigenous fox that was specially bred by an exotic pet breeder. Her owner abandoned her when she realized that foxes are not like dogs. Here is Stella again looking for a treat. She is a very shy animal. This is a grey squirrel. Like many of our squirrels, he was raised at the center as an orphan. He will be released with a group of other squirrels to form a small squirrel colony.
Grey Squirrel eating. Pilling a Trumpeter Swan. Virginia Opossum survives dog attack.
This grey squirrel is eating a diet of rodent block, acorns, seeds, walnuts and corn. This is Cathy and Pat, two other volunteers on my shift. They are attempting to give a pill to a Trumpeter Swan. Notice I said "Attempting". This is a north American Virginia opossum. This guy has had a bad run in with a dog. Opossums are such troopers. They take a beating and keep on going.
Opossum with injured forrhead. Opossum Winter Victim. Frostbitten Opossum
This is another opossum, we don't know what happened to his head, but it is healing up nicely. This opossum is actually yawning here, not hissing. He is one of the many winter victims. Opossums don't tolerate the cold very well. This little opossum got frostbite on his tail. We had to amputate the tip. He is recovering well.
Hit By Car Opossum Front Desk Crowded hallway at center.
This opossum was hit by a car. A frequent hazard to this species as they can't see more than 14 inches in front of them. They are quite nearsighted. This is the front desk at the center. It is where people log in their animals and make donations to pay for their care. This is a non-profit organization. This is one of the many hallways in the center. This one is filled with opossums since the opossum room is being renovated.

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Opossum Bar

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