Rehabber and Wildlife Poetry

Tanis' Wildlife Poetry Collection
Collected from various people on the Internet

Progress by Jennifer Boudreau (aka Erana)

Tiny sable paws pad gently on the pavement
The streetlights glow illuminates curious, lucid orbs
He cringes as cars rush past, touseling his silky fur,
Sending pebbles hurling at his masked face
Blinding lights, Deafening roars
As he makes his way through the treacherous obstacle course
The merciless drivers pay no heed
His ringed tail is bristled with fright,
Looking like a scouring brush even as he reaches safety
A dumpster, the reeking object of his pursuit
Smiles a toothless grin and emits a foul breath
He leaps on powerful hind legs, tottering at the brim
Scavenges through the waste, finding only a sandwich
Crust before the men chase him out again, yelling
"Bandit! Theif!"
He clasps the precious morsel protectively in his jaws
As a lioness does her cub,
He wanders on
And finds a greasy puddle, slick with motor oil
Mesmerizing melted rainbows
When he touches with a tentative paw, his agile fingers recoil
Shaking, launching countless glistening beads into flight
Tiny sable paws pad gently on the pavement
An ancient memory passes
Of a time when moist earth and soothing grass
Welcomed his weary paws,
When the gurgling brook splashed playfully
About the rocks, and teemed with silver fish
When man greeted him in an awed whisper, as
"Wee-kah Tegalelga"*

* Dakota Sioux, meaning magic one with painted face

Quiet Thoughts by Beverly Armstrong

How would you like to live in a cage
That was just about ten feet square.
With no toys to play with and nothing to do --
Just you and a bed and a chair?
Oh, sure you'd be fed (the same thing each day)
You'd have water (unless they forgot)
And since you would never be going outside
You wouldn't get cold, or too hot.
But oh, you'd be lonely just sitting alone
With no one to talk to all day.
You'd remember the trees, and the grass and the breeze,
The places where you used to play.
You'd remember your friends, you'd remember the sky,
And games and strawberries and sun,
And you know you could never go skating again
Or go swimming, or ride bikes, or run.
You'd get mad and scream and throw things around,
You'd kick and you'd pound on the wall,
And your owners would scold you,
And say to themselves,
"He isn't a nice pet at all!"
The more you got mad, the less they would like you,
The less they'd remember to care
About if you had water or if you got fed
Or if you were lonely in there.
And then you would know what it's like to be kept
As a pet when you're meant to be free,
And you'd listen when wild things are trying to say
"Please Don't Make A Pet Out Of Me!"

A Rehabbers Prayer by Joan Holland

Heavenly Father I ask Thee
to guide my hands this day,
To carry the weak, heal the sick
I take home with me today

This little helpless creature
that depends on me for life
doesn't understand my feelings
as I stand in vigil hours
waiting for some sign of life

Grant me wisdom and mercy
as I do right by them today
oh, Lord forgive my lack of knowledge
I do the best I can, I pray

Thank you Lord, for this small life
I hold now in my hand,
that You will show him mercy
and allow him to survive.


Possums by Judy Jung

Oh, Didelphus Marsupialis much maligned,
When seeking good points, one would find...

A grinning face complete with drool,
Prehensile tail that proves a tool.

To climb and perch upon a limb,
Where a her seeks a him!

And when they meet and love's in bloom,
In two weeks flat, within her womb,

A momma 'possum fills her pouch.
(at multiplying she's no slouch!)

Oh, furred marsupials who vacuum the Earth,
Who've outlived the dinos, You've proven your worth...

With 50 teeth and lace-like ears,
Near-sighted eyes, who waddles from fears...

You have a place in our persimmon patch,
Your unique niche is without a match!

Opossums by Jack Prelutsky

Opossums at times take a notion to drop
Whatever they're doing and come to a stop.
It's called "playing possum" and clearly it's why
They're mostly ignored by the folks passing by.

When they're playing possum, opossums don't stir,
They don't move a muscle or ruffle their fur.
Upon these occasions opossums are prone
To lie on the ground and resemble a stone.

When they're playing possum, opposums don't sense
The comings and goings of current events.
Their energy's focused on trying to strive
To make sure you believe that they aren't alive.

When they're playing possum, opossums appear
To be unaware that there's anyone near.
They never revive till you're well on your way -
When they're playing possum, opossums don't play.

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