Summer 2006
Summer (June - August 2006) Under Construction

This summer started off as a scorcher. Keeping cool as been a number one priority for Teagan and Logan. June brought many trips to the splash pad and pool. We played indoors a lot and went to movies and Grandpas frequently. Teagan is continuing to grow and is wearing 4T clothes already. She likes to help Mom cook, wash the clothes and load/unload the dishwasher. She is extremely friendly and loves to talk to everyone, everywhere about anything.

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Summer 2006

Here are some of her most recent photogenic moments!  To view ALL her past pictures see the Photo Archives.
Watching TV Tell me when to run Dad! That was so COOL!
Ribitt Ribitt! Playing with Fireworks Quack Quack!
Let's Spin this baby! Sugar Overload Oooooh.. Ice Cream

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