Spring 2006
Spring (March - May 2006)

Teagan has had a great growth spurt this spring and is growing up so fast. She helped Logan celebrate his 4th birthday and has been going to lots of playdates. She loves stories, movies and pretend play. She gave her Aunt Brenda a real workout at the Park when she visited us in April. In May she rode the Rollercoaster with her Daddy. Teagan also completed her Potty Training (thanks to Cindy, Grandpa Chuck and Grandma Wess for their assistance) and is now Diaper Free!

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Spring 2006
Summer 2006

Here are some of her most recent photogenic moments!  To view ALL her past pictures see the Photo Archives.
I Love You Aunt Brenda! Let me listen to your heart Bear Wait for Meee!
Eating Easter Candy Riding the Rollercoaster with Daddy EggstravaganZoo 2006
Yummm! I DO so love Ring Candy. Playing Boats Playing House

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