Shadeaux's Owner

Shadeaux's Owners


This is my owner, Tanis. She is a wonderful caretaker and I must say she has been very easy to train. She is considerate of my needs and is very intelligent so it's not difficult to teach her new tricks. Her favorite trick is running around on the carpet on all fours so that I can jump up and ride on her back. I reward her with loud purring and much rubbing. I recently trained her to not roll over in bed on top of me. That took some doing since she is so much bigger than I am. She talks back to me when I speak to her though she doesn't yet understand my language, I am confident that one day she will master it.

Tanis has a full time job keeping her children from dressing me up in humiliating doll clothes, from using me for target practice with their bouncy balls or velcro dart guns. Her daughter likes to pet me sometimes but her son takes glee in chasing me with foam swords until I take refuge under a bed. My favorite time is at night when the kids are sleeping and I can snuggle up with Tanis on the couch.


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