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These are more photos I've taken at a St. Louis MO wildlife rescue facility at which I volunteered for five years. I enjoyed taking pictures of the various wildlife that came through the center.  To find out more about wildlife rehabilitation check out my information page. If you like my photos and would like to use any of them for your new iPod Nano or computers perhaps, please don't forget to credit me and provide a courtesy link back to my website, Thanks!

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Anne Driver with Red Lori Parrot Resident Red Lori Parrot Trumpeter Swan recovering at WRC.
This is a fellow volunteer, playing with the center's resident parrot, Scarlet. Here is the center's resident parrot, Scarlet. She is a Red Lori. This is a Trumpeter Swan wintering with us until the spring.
Baby Squirrels, first of the season. Syringe Feeding of Baby Squirrel. jack, our resident Racoon.
These are the first of hundreds of baby grey squirrels which will flood the WRC this spring. This is one of the volunteers syringe feeding a baby grey squirrel. This is Jack, he is our resident raccoon. Jack has neurological damage in his back legs and thus has problems getting around.
Opossum with injured tail. Phoebe, our resident groundhog. Phoebe loves attention.
This little opossum got in a fight with a dog and injured his tail. Now he's wearing a bandage on it till it heals. This is Phoebe, she is our resident groundhog. She is an abandoned pet. One of many since wild animals do not make good house pets! Here is Phoebe again, she loves to play and to climb. She is an extremely social and curious rodent.
The love affair of Phoebe and Jack. Stella's magnificent tail. St. Ann Police Dept Opossum
Phoebe and Jack (our Raccoon) have an ongoing love affair. Here is Phoebe giving Jack a kiss through the bars of his cage. Here is Stella again, she is our resident Marble Fox. Look at the beautiful tail and coat of fur she wears. This St. Ann Police Dept (we name our animals after who brings them to us) waking up from a snooze.
St. Ann PD is a very curious opossum. St. Ann PD is unfortunately not very frightened of humans. St. Ann PS opossum looking down on things.
Here is St. Ann PD again peeping at us through the cage door. Unfortunately he's not at all frightened of humans. Getting a bit bolder, St. Ann PD decides to come out of his cage for a closer look. Nothing like a view from above says St. Ann PD opossum as he perches from the safety of his cage shelf.
Female Mallard with Fractured wing Baby Snapping Turtle Peek-a-Boo Jack the Racoon
This poor female mallard found herself tangled up in kite string and trapped in a tree at Forest Park. She fractured her wing trying to break free. This baby snapping turtle spent the winter with us and should be released late this spring. Peek-a-Boo Jack.. Jack peeps over the top of his hammock to see what all the ruckus is about.
North American Beaver Angry wet beaver with an attitude.
This adult beaver was injured by a motorboat speeding along unheedingly. She will be released soon. Here is BABs again. That name stands for Bad A** Beaver due in whole to her less than sunny disposition. You would be ticked off too if a boat ran over you!

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Opossum Bar

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